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i am trying to handle event on tap of clear button on sencha searchfield which appears there by default. i couldn't find a listener to handle that event on sencha docs. any help will be appreciated.

i referred this thread. sencha touch textfield clear event but i dont want to display separate clear icon apart from the default clear icon displayed by searchfield.

thank you.

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You will need to post some code so that people can give ideas / suggestions –  ManseUK Nov 27 '11 at 19:00
code ListDemo.searchField = new Ext.form.Search( { id: 'searchField', xtype: 'searchfield', placeHolder: 'Search', name: 'searchField', store: ListDemo.ListStore, /* onClearTap: function() { console.log('test clear'); this.setValue(''); }, / //useClearIcon: true, / onClearIconTap: function() { if (!this.disabled) { this.setValue(''); console.log('onClearTap: Clear button tapped!'); } } */ code i wish to handle the 'X' icon tap event for this searchfield. –  Arihant Nov 28 '11 at 18:09

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you can clear that by using function clearFilter()

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