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I have uninstalled Plone, but it's home page keeps showing up at http://localhost:8080/

That is, when I go to http://localhost:8080/ I see:


Zope & Plone are now up and running.

* Your Plone site has not been added yet: Click here to create a Plone site.
* Use the Zope Management Interface.
* Plone.Org — documentation, add-ons, support, community.

I have installed Liferay and need to start working with that. I need to be able to see the Liferay homepage when I got to http://localhost:8080 - it's not a cached page, as I have cleared that several times.

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What platform are you running on? What exactly did you install, and how did you uninstall it? –  rjmunro May 29 '09 at 12:33

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From your description it sounds like you've maybe deleted the Plone instance from the Zope database but you still have Zope running. Plone is a product that runs inside the Zope application platform. Kill the Zope process and it will no longer bind to port 8080.

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