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I've just created an empty database on my machine. I now wish to copy a table from our server database to this local database.

What sql commands do I need to run to do this? I wish to create the new table, copy data from the old table and insert it into the new table.

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You could create a SQL INSERT script. See… – mhenry1384 Apr 9 '14 at 17:52
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Create a linked server to the source server. The easiest way is to right click "Linked Servers" in Management Studio; it's under Management -> Server Objects.

Then you can copy the table using a 4-part name, server.database.schema.table:

select  *
into    DbName.dbo.NewTable
from    LinkedServer.DbName.dbo.OldTable

This will both create the new table with the same structure as the original one and copy the data over.

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+1 only answer taking into account that those databases are on different servers! – marc_s Nov 27 '11 at 11:44


select * into <destination table> from <source table>
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If migrating constantly between two databases, then insert into an already existing table structure is a possibility. If so, then:

Use the following syntax:

insert into DESTINATION_DB.dbo.destination_table
select *
  from SOURCE_DB.dbo.source_table
[where x ...]

If migrating a LOT of tables (or tables with foreign keys constraints) I'd recommend:

  • Generating Scripts with the Advanced option / Types of data to script : Data only OR
  • Resort using a third party tool.

Hope it helps!

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Assuming that they are in the same server, try this:

INTO SecondDB.TableName
FROM FirstDatabase.TableName

This will create a new table and just copy the data from FirstDatabase.TableName to SecondDB.TableName and won't create foreign keys or indexes.

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Assuming that you want different names for the tables.

If you are using PHPmyadmin you can use their SQL option in the menu. Then you simply copy the SQL-code from the first table and paste it into the new table.

That worked out for me when I was moving from localhost to a webhost. Hope it works for you!

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For very large tables whose SQL codes would be a pain to copy and paste, PHPmyadmin's Import and Export menus can easily be used as well. – Tudor Manole Jul 26 '15 at 12:47
INSERT INTO ProductPurchaseOrderItems_bkp

SELECT [OrderId],[ProductId],[Quantity],[Price] FROM ProductPurchaseOrderItems WHERE OrderId=415
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The quickest way is to use a tool, like RazorSQL or Toad for doing this.

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If you need the entire table structure (not just the basic data layout), use Task>Script Table As>Create To>New Query Window and run in your new database. Then you can copy the data at your leisure.

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deleted. suggested other way in copying table with different sources.

but it seems justin and frazz consider my post as invaluable.

since i can't delete my post, just edited the whole post.

and now my other post was deleted. psshh

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