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There are 17 script files and 7 style sheets that I am using in my project. I have combined style sheets in to 1 file, so that my web app responses better due to lower HTTP requests. Now, I'm in a little bit of dilemma, 15 scripts are from jQuery/UI and 2 are mine.
I came across the fact that I have to keep the header intact of the jQuery's MIT/GPL licensed scripts. Now,
Can I combine all of them and form only one script without removing headers.?
All the code and header will be separated by one newline, and in the end, script will contain my functions. In my defense, Since, I am not changing content of files, just rearranging them, I should be able to do so. Headers and other things will stay intact.

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Anubhav, strictly looking at the problem I think you are in license infregiment. It comes from the fact that the following statement: In my defense, Since, I am not changing content of files, just rearranging them, I should be able to do so is not true. Let's asume the header says the following:

// This script is developed by FirstName LastName

Now, reading the data bellow they will find not only the script from FirstName LastName but yours as well, which makes the header incorrect (the author of the script DID NOT intended to sign your script).

So if someone saves the script to his / her disk and re-distribute it as well, he will be involved in license infregiment as well as he don't know he is redistributing derivative of the original script. That's why I think you should look for the derivative part of the license.

I think it is best to just ask the authors of the scripts if it is possible to combine the scripts and under what license.

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