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I am using Selenium webdriver in Python for a web-scraping project.

The webpage, I am working on has a number of Table entries with the same class name.

<table class="table1 text print">

I am using find_element_by_class_name. However I am getting a error :

*Compound class names not permitted *

Another question:

How to iterate through all the tables having the same css classname ?


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You should use find_elements_by_class_name. This will return an iterable object.

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The error you describe happens when you provide multiple class names rather than a single one. An easy way around this is to get the elements using CSSSelector or XPath. Alternatively, you could use find_elements_by_class_name and provide one class name, then iterate through that list to find the elements that match the additional class names you want to match on as well.

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