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I'm coding a web application with Symfony 1.4 with SwitftMailer for the emails. My site will be available in several languages depending on the connected user.

I have already created a mail class that call partials templates (get_partial) using the __('some text') messages.

That works fine : Symfony translate automatically the partial with the user culture and the mail is sent with the culture of the current user.

My problem is that I would like to send an email to a user who is not the current user so the culture of the email have to be different.

I thought to change the current user culture before getting the partial and restore it after but it's not the cleanest way...

Thank you for your help.


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You can use something like:

$new_lang = new sfI18N(
  new sfNoCache(), 
  array('culture'=> 'pt'));
echo $new_lang->__('

Don't know if it's the best answer but it works.

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Thanks for your help.

Meanwhile, I found another simple solution that I found in the symfony documentation.

$catalogue = 'messages.pt';    // the name of the catalogue for translation
echo __("Text to translate", NULL, $catalogue);

Hope that could help someone else !

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