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I don't know if there are many people working with Prestashop here....anyway, i am facing a problem and i cant find an answer.

I am trying to add a new tab to the back end, but all the get is this message:

An error occurred while creating object.Tab()

I also tried to add a new tab on a fresh installed prestashop, also encountered this problem. the version that i am using is

I also tried to find a solution and i found a ticket describing this problem, but still no result.

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No idea if this is helpful, but check this if it helps you in some sense, its something about database tables:

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Hmm.. i actually found this ticket before, but i am not familiar with database..I guess i will try out the latest version of prestashop 1st. Thanks man:) –  WJ___ Nov 27 '11 at 13:02
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Hey guys this is actually a version's bug, i upgrade to everything just works fine.

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