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I want to get the height and width of the screen which I could draw objects on. It's the space which is other than the the MenuBar (the footer containing commands) and other than the TitleBar.

TIP: I know that Display.getInstance().getDisplayHeight() returns the height of the screen but this is for the full sceen. So how could I, at least, know the height of the MenuBar and TitleBar to substract them from this height ?

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I found the answer for those who are interested:

To get the height of TitleBar: Form.getTitleComponent().getPreferredH()
To get the height of AddressBar: Form.getSoftButton(0).getParent().getPreferredH()

So the answer of my question is:

        - form.getTitleComponent().getPreferredH() 
        - (getSoftbuttonCount() < 1) ? 0 : form.getSoftButton(0).getParent().getPreferredH()
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This answer isn't quite correct. You need to getSoftbuttonCount() and make sure it is bigger than 1. Furthermore you need to getTitleArea() which might be bigger than the title component itself. See the code in that does pretty much that. – Shai Almog Dec 1 '11 at 6:23
Code is updated with your correction about getSoftbuttonCount, but i cannot find the method getTitleArea which you mentioned in Form class ? I'm using LWUIT 1.4, is it in later versions or I'm searching in the wrong class ? – Ashraf Bashir Dec 1 '11 at 13:53
Its part of the 1.5 release, you can use the current code for 1.4 only. – Shai Almog Dec 1 '11 at 18:10

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