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I run a number of websites behind an nginx frontend. All my sites are in Python/Django. I see in my logs lots of crawling by hackers for various php applications - I'd like to block them (return a 404) at nginx without them hitting my application servers.

I'd like to do this globally in my nginx conf file so it applies to all my site-specific configurations.

So, how do I: (i) Return 404 for all extensions of type .php (ii) Return 404 for partial matches of certain strings, such as "phpmyadmin"

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location ~ (\.php|myadmin) {
    return 403;
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gr8 thanks. I accepted this answer because it solves my actual problem, but the addition by alexander below is critical to the way I did want to implement the solution. –  pwalsh Nov 28 '11 at 7:06

location must appear inside server only, it's not allowed inside http.

So, the only option is to create a file with your common locations and include it into your servers.

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Thanks Alexander - see my comment on the answer before yours. –  pwalsh Nov 28 '11 at 7:07

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