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I have @manytomany relation in hibernate Like : Table Employee

public class Employee implements Serializable {
    @ManyToMany(fetch = FetchType.EAGER)
    @JoinTable(name = "employee_role", joinColumns = { @JoinColumn(name = "employee_id") }, inverseJoinColumns = { @JoinColumn(name = "role_id") })
    private Set<Role> roles = new HashSet<Role>(0);

Table Role :

public class Role implements Serializable {
    @GeneratedValue(strategy = GenerationType.SEQUENCE)
    @Column(name = "role_id", unique = true, nullable = false)
    @Basic(fetch = FetchType.EAGER)
    private long id;

how to get all employee when role have a specific value by hibernate Criterion or subquery

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If I understand correctly, you want to get all employees having a specific role. Why use the Criteria API for this. HQL is much simpler and readable:

select e from Employee e inner join e.roles role where role.id = :roleId

If you really want to use the Criteria API, here it goes:

Criteria c = session.createCriteria(Employee.class, "employee");
c.createAlias("employee.roles", "role");
c.add(Restrictions.eq("role.id", roleId));
List<Employee> employeed = c.list();
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the try JB Nizet's answer and return multiple row not the same number in table the solution is to add setResultTransformer(Criteria.DISTINCT_ROOT_ENTITY)

Criteria c = getCurrentSession().createCriteria(Employee.class,"employee");
c.createAlias("employee.roles", "role");
c.add(Restrictions.eq("role.id", id));
List<Employee> employeed = c.setResultTransformer(Criteria.DISTINCT_ROOT_ENTITY).list();
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