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Im currently using openinviter v1.9.5 for inviting friends. It appears a lot of services eg yahoo are down n this is important as 3/4's of my members hold a yahoo account. Im still using openinviter but looking to change.

I've also read about HybridAuth but current version doesn't support above providers contact api although they exists.

Ive been googling and the rest of the wrappers i could find were third party and for paying for or very very outdated n misleading.

So my question is? is there an uptodate php wrapper for live,yahoo and gmail that i can incorporate in a custom website and extract emails to send invites? that conforms to current auth standards.

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For gmail and live, openinviter can be used but yes as you said Yahoo no more works with openinviter, For yahoo's case you can use its Yahoo Social API. Check in the yahoo developers site for more info

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yes, been to the openinviter forum but it no longer allows members to post so cant notify them. Is there a working php example you could find on the yahoo site? –  Sir Lojik Nov 27 '11 at 15:17

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