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I get the BigDecimal value from a DB. It equals '0E-10'. When it is passed to a freemarker, the value is wrapped as 0.

I have already tried to swith on an arithmetic engine as a BigDecimal one, but it had no use.

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Maybe a dump question, but what's the practical difference between 0E-10 and 0 (i.e., apart from the internal representation)? They are both equally zero, aren't they? Where should it make a difference for FreeMarker, what exactly is the problem with its output? Anyway, I'm fairly certain that the ObjectWrapper wraps the original BigDecimals as is, so if it was stored 0E-10 then it remains so. But probably the number formatter of Java just renders it as 0, which it is. –  ddekany Nov 27 '11 at 16:11

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Do you mean you want to always print out in scientific notation? You can use ${variable?string("0.##E0")} to do that in Freemarker. Freemarker auto-converts things to user-friendly strings unless you tell it a specific format.

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