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I am trying to set up a linked worksheet and need to copy the formula with mixed variables. I would like to set up ='by name'!$A3 and copy so that the next formula is ='by name'!A4, but when I copy ='by name'!$A3, Excel keeps both variables constant. Why?

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can you give some example? – Siva Charan Nov 27 '11 at 16:15
Are you trying within the same workbook or different excel files? – Siva Charan Nov 27 '11 at 16:16
I am in the same workbook but on two different worksheets. The first worksheet is "by name". When I link to it using ='by name'!$A3 i am able to pull up the value in "by name" cell A3. I then try to copy that cell to another cell but my excel (2010) keeps both variables constant even though I feel like my formula should allow the 2nd variable to change. I use that often within one worksheet but it doesn't seem to want to work in linked formulas. Am I going to have to manually enter the linked formula? UGH. – user1068044 Nov 27 '11 at 16:20
Well I think I managed to figure this out. It is a two step process. First you copy to different rows and then use the transpose special paste to get it to columns! – user1068044 Nov 27 '11 at 16:57
This question has nothing to do with programming. It should be posted on, not here. – Jean-François Corbett Nov 28 '11 at 11:36

To understand your problem, you have to understand the use of the $ (dollar sign) in Excel formula.

The dollar is used to keep reference to a row or a column when you copy-paste a formula.

If you copy-paste a formula from Sheet2, cell A1 that refers to ='by name'!A1, Excel will automatically adapt the formula when you copy-paste (or drag-and-drop) the formula.

For instance, when you will copy-paste the formula from Sheet2, cell A1 to Sheet2, cellB2, the new formula will be:='by name'!B2` because Excel thinks you want to shift the reference.

If you want to keep reference to a row or a column, you can add a $ before the column or the row you want to keep. For instance, if you copy-paste this formula from A1 to B2:

  • ='by name'!$A$1 will become ='by name'!$A$1
  • ='by name'!$A1 will become ='by name'!$A2 (keep the column)
  • ='by name'!A$1 will become ='by name'!B$1 (keep the row)
  • ='by name'!A1 will become ='by name'!A1 (keep both)
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If my understanding is correct,

You are trying to copy the values of A3 to A10 Cells to another sheet.

A3 - A10 is assumed example.

Difference between =Sheet1!A3 Vs. =Sheet1!$A3?

=Sheet1!A3 - This is to copy the values of 1st sheet to the 2nd sheet.

Example: If you place this formula, when you double-click on plus "+" symbol it will fill A3 - A10 cell with the values from the 1st sheet

=Sheet1!$A3 - This will be provide reference only to A3 cell and copy the values of 1st sheet to the 2nd sheet.

Example: If you place this formula, when you double-click on plus "+" symbol it will fill A3 - A10 cell with the A3 value of 1st sheet to 2nd sheet.

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