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How do you set a default value in a decimal column in Rails? I've tried both the following, using Rails 3 and Postgresql, but after each one the console tells me the default values are still nil. If I set the value from the console, there's no problem, but it doesn't seem to work in the migration.

#Attempt 1
add_column :providers, :commission, :decimal, :precision=>6,:scale=>4,:default=>0.1


#Attempt 2
add_column :providers, :commission, :decimal, :precision=>6,:scale=>4,:default=>BigDecimal("0.1")

Many thanks for your help!

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It turns out I also need to set :null=>false

The following code worked:

add_column :providers, :commission, :decimal, :precision=>6,:scale=>4,:default=>0.1, :null => false
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