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If I have three elements flaoted to right, why order is following (see jsfiddle) element 1 is first element on right side, when element 3 is actually last element.

Order is now

[3] [2] [1]

But elements are in this order in html

[1] [2] [3]



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That 'inverted order' is the intended result.

You can dig around in the CSS Specification if you'd like, but your example renders as it ought to.

If you'd like them to display in the same order as the markup, float the .container right, its children left.

Updated jsfiddle

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You probably solved some problem for OP, but didn't actually tell what gives the priority to a floating element. –  Gui Imamura Aug 19 at 19:59

The first element moves to the right, stops when it hits the edge of the container and allows the next element to move up to its left.

The second element then does the same, except it stops when it hits the left edge of the first element.

… and so on.

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Using float or any other css property has no effect on html source code.

Any element that follows the floated element will flow around the floated element on the other side.

If you float an image to the left, any text or other elements following it will flow around it to the right. And if you float an image to the right, any text or other elements following it will flow around it to the left.

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If both elements set to float the same direction (in this case- right), the first one which appears in our HTML (not CSS!) be the one on the far side close to the edge.

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