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My jdbcRealm has somehow gotten deleted by magic from GlassFish. Now when I try to add it back in, I get the following error.

SEVERE: SEC1111: Cannot load group for JDBC realm user [admin].
WARNING: WEB9102: Web Login Failed: Login failed: Security Exception
WARNING: Exception Login failed: Security Exception

Based on the other answers I've seen on here, the culprit is usually a reserved word being used as a column name but this doesn't seem to be the problem in my case (see screenshot below). We recently had some database model changes so I had to reconfigure the mappings for roles to groups in web.xml and glassfish-web.xml. There are five roles and they are a 1:1 mapping between users.

enter image description here

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Anyone have any ideas on this? – Adam Fisher Nov 28 '11 at 14:44

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