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How can I insert a tabel inside a QTextEdit to be printed on A4 paper. I wrote this code but I don't know how I can insert it into the value, just insert first cell:

self.text = QtGui.QTextEdit()
self.cursor = QtGui.QTextCursor()
self.cursor = self.text.textCursor()
self.cursor.insertTable(2, 5)
self.cursor.insertText("first cell ")
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You need to move the position of the QTextCursor. Take a look at QTextCursor.movePosition and the operations in QTextCursor.MoveOperation.

This should do the job for you:

self.cursor.insertText("second cell")
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thanks a lot , if i need to merge two columns , what i can do , i try to use this code self.table = QTextTable() self.cursor.insertTable(2,5,table) when i run it , there is nothing happening if i don't make the QTextTable it's work good , but i need to merge cells can i do this without make a QTextTable ?? –  s.jor.ibra Nov 28 '11 at 20:53

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