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I have created an app that creates a signed XML file. Microsoft has some straight forward examples it was not that difficult to implement but much is hidden/ encapsulated in the libraries below


I now need to export the public key and put it (the public key) in a second application so it can verify that the signed XML document is genuine.
My second application can then enable/disable various program features based on the contents of the signed XML file.
Microsoft goes on about not exporting the contents of the key container but that is exactly what I think I need to do because in my mind I need to accomplish a couple of things.
One as mentioned above I need to export the public key and then import it into a key container that resides in the application that uses the signed XML file. Secondly I think I need to export both private and public keys in order to back them up. Since my application will be distributed with the public key I need to back up the public, the private key and the hashing algorithm in a safe location.
Microsoft goes on about not exporting keys to clear text but I am uneasy/and don't know how to back up the key container and I'm unsure how to look at the thing and know what I want to store is actually in there when I try to view the key container in the debugger it seems to go on forever (some sections appear to repeat recursively??)
Can anyone offer advice on how to export/import RSA keys to a key container and an approach to backing up mykeys or contaner?.

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Open the Microsoft Management Console (mmc.exe), navigate to File -> Add/Remove Snap-in This dialog will pop up

MMC Snap-in Dialog

On the Available snap-ins pick "Certificates"; click Add and choose to add My user account, then click Add again and choose Computer account.

Click OK. Now you find any certificates you'll need and functions to import/export them - both private (if available and exportable), and public.

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Hi esskar Thnaks for the reply. – user593082 Dec 2 '11 at 15:46
Above should say "Thanks for the reply" the five minute timer is annoying as heck! I will check that out today as soon as I stomp out a couple of fires. I found this article on MSDN called Walkthrough: Creating a Cryptographic Application link – user593082 Dec 2 '11 at 16:06
Hi Esskar After a long delay I'm finally back to this task. I had assumed (maybe incorrectly) that because I had created my RSA keys programmatically I would want to import & export all my certs programmatically. – user593082 Dec 20 '11 at 19:52
After thinking about it a while it makes sense that I would be able/want to import and export my RSA keys via the certmanager snap in for my own education and so it will be in a convenient file format to back up the keys but I would also want to do it programmatically so the user is not required to install a cert as part of the installation so the user will have the public key. – user593082 Dec 20 '11 at 19:52
Here is the code that creates the RSA encryption keys. <code> cspParams = new CspParameters(); // Create a new RSA signing key and save it in the container. cspParams.KeyContainerName = "MY_RSA_KEY"; rsaKey = new RSACryptoServiceProvider(cspParams); – user593082 Dec 20 '11 at 19:53

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