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how can I upload an entire folder to the ftp server? I'm trying to do the following:


Of course I did before authentication .. just that when I run the code, the following message appears

Cannot open Local file C:\xampp\htdocs\MyProject: Permission denied at projectUpload.pl line 41

-- EDIT --

I found solution, here is the code:

  sub upload {
          my ( $bpath , $path , $FTP ) = @_;
          $path .= '/' unless $path =~ /\/$/;
          for my $i ( glob ( "$path*" ) ) {
                 $i =~ /(?:\/(.*))/;
                 if ( not -d $i ) {
                        if ( -f $i ) {
                               $FTP->put ( $i , $1 ) ;
                 } else {
                        $FTP->mkdir ( $1 ) ;
                        upload ( $bpath , $i , $FTP ) if -d $i ;
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  • If you are using the standard Net::FTP module, you must upload one file at a time. There are other modules, however, that allow you to upload/mirror entire directory trees.

  • You probably want to go the directory you created before uploading your files. A $FTP->cwd($pfolder); should do the trick.

  • The “Permission denied” issue is probably because MyProject is a directory (I guess). Locally, do a chdir() to that directory, open it with opendir(), then iterate over the files with readdir() and upload one file at a time.

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right, but what if you have more directories inside MyProject? –  user862010 Nov 27 '11 at 18:00
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If you are trying to upload multiple files / directories, you may want to take a look at

rput ( [FlattenTree => 1] [,RemoveLocalFiles => 1] )

from Net::FTP::Recursive

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