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Am I allowed to distribute together:

  • a GPL Program with its sources
  • a nonfree library without sources
  • an init script which LD_PRELOADS the library to the GPL program

The GPL Program works fine without the nonfree library. This nonfree library provides the same interface as the free library which the program binary is linked to.

Am I allowed to distribute this stuff together, or would this be an GPL violation?

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you should consult a lawyer for a real answer... –  Yahia Nov 27 '11 at 19:07
@Yahia I hope the answer is obvious to someone (unfortunetly not me) –  johannes Nov 27 '11 at 19:10

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The more important question is: "Does your non-free library work without the GPLed program?" If the answer is no or not really. Then you are probably violating the spirit of the GPL if not the letter.

If you are using the LD_PRELOADS trick to alter the behavior of the GPLed program while keeping your modifications non-free then I would say your library may be considered a derived work and covered by the GPL.

If on the other hand the non-free library is completely unrelated to the function or purpose of the GPLed app then you are probably ok. For example, your library is a more efficient malloc implementation and you want the GPLed app to use that instead of the version shipped with the OS.

And as a final note, if you intend to charge money for your non-free app you should be able afford a lawyer and see what they say. If you can't afford the lawyer, charge more for your app or make it GPL.

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