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I just wrote a simple C++ program in Visual Studio 2010 and I use ceil function. But I forgot to include the <cmath> and only included the <iostream>. Surprisingly my code compiled successfully and ran without any error. I read a C++ book and it clearly says that to use ceil function you must include <cmath> or <math.h>. Why this happens? Can anyone explain me? Thanks!

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iostream includes istream includes ostream includes ios includes xlocnum includes cmath includes math.h. num_get::do_get() uses ldexp(). –  Hans Passant Nov 27 '11 at 19:55

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The header is indirectly included from some other (indirectly) included header.

To find out which one, enable 'keep preprocessed source' (/P) from the project options and inspect the resulting (*.i) file

Update Just found out that VS2010 has renamed the related option:

enter image description here

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updated with VS2010 option screen –  sehe Nov 27 '11 at 19:32

Technically speaking, implementations are allowed to automatically include any header in the system headers. But this is implementation defined.

In some cases, <cmath> is already included, in other cases, it isn't - same applies to all the other standard headers.

This issue came up on this question: Is this a C program or C++ program, how to decide?

That aside, it's possible that it could be indirectly included by other includes.

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