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I have 2 lists: a = (mn (5) (1 2)) b = (hl (3) (8 4))

I try to get: ((mn (5) (1 2)) (hl (3) (8 4))). (meaning a b)

When I try append, It gives me: (mn (5) (1 2) hl (3) (8 4)).

When I try cons, It gives me: ((mn (5) (1 2)) hl (3) (8 4)).

Any suggestion? Thanks.

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Try (list a b). In your case it will be:

(list '(mn (5) (1 2)) '(hl (3) (8 4)))
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You apparently want a list of lists. It's been a while since I've done scheme, but the easiest thing I can remember to do would be (cons a (cons b ())) where a and b are references to the separate lists and () is the nil terminator.

I hope I'm not just doing your homework for you :-P

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