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I have an Rails 3 app with the following in its gemfile:

source ''

gem 'rails', '3.0.5'

group :production do
  gem 'pg'
group :development, :test do
  gem 'sqlite3'

gem 'jquery-rails', '>= 1.0.12'

which when I attempt to deploy to Heroku fails with the following

   Installing railties (3.0.5) 
   /usr/ruby1.9.2/lib/ruby/1.9.1/rubygems/specification.rb:519:in `normalize_yaml_input': invalid byte sequence in US-ASCII (ArgumentError)
    from /usr/ruby1.9.2/lib/ruby/1.9.1/rubygems/specification.rb:479:in `from_yaml'

This seems to relate to the jquery-rails gem (removing it prevents the error and the app deploys correctly). I've tried it with and without a version specified and the problem still occurs.

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Take a look at the answer here:… – John Paul Ashenfelter Nov 27 '11 at 21:32
Thanks, I can't work out how to apply that as it doesn't happen on my test environment, only remotely when I try to deploy to Heroku but on switching to the Cedar stack it seems to work – TalkingQuickly Nov 27 '11 at 21:44
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The solution was to create a new Heroku application with the cedar stack (using heroku create --stack cedar) and the gems then installed perfectly.

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I was having the same issue with jquery-rails, this just solved it. +1 – Dominic Goulet Dec 8 '11 at 3:37
Just noticed tho, the cedar stack is running webrick... that sucks. With omniauth + google, I get the error for too large request... – Dominic Goulet Dec 8 '11 at 3:41

Try declaring the jquery gem before the grouped gems.

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