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I can't seem to find out why some images at a project of mine (http://www.de-drie.nl) have a strange (grey?) border at the bottom. Could it be since the images aren't scaled? I have scaled them to fit content with css.

At first this problem was there in: FF, Chrome, IE and Safari. After playing a bit with the width (in css) of the images the strange border disappeared in FF.

The other browsers are still showing the border problem.

I have seen multiple posts here at stackoverflow which describe the same kind of problem. The solution should be display:block or vertical-align:bottom, but this really doesn't seem to work for my problem.

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All your images with grey border in the html, literally the actual images contain a small grey border underneath

For example this: http://www.de-drie.nl/images/uitbouw.jpg contains this:

enter image description here

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oh my god :/ (slapping myself hard). thanks a lot! p.s. what tool did you use in you're posted image (the magnifying glass)? Is it a firefox extension? –  Marc Nov 28 '11 at 9:01
Actually its photoshop. I zoomed in, screenshot, pasted the screenshot in a circle form, in the actual image. –  jQuerybeast Nov 28 '11 at 9:38

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