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I write Foo<T>(IComparer<T> comp)

I want to call it with

Foo<DateTime> (

but i get this error:

method group is not assignable to IComparer<DateTime>

how can I solve this?


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The method expects an instance of IComparer<T>, not a delegate. You need to create a class that implements IComparer<DateTime>:

public class DateTimeComparer : IComparer<DateTime>
    public int Compare(DateTime x, DateTime y)
        return x.Compare(y);

Alternatively, you could change the method so that it expects a Comparison<DateTime>:

void Foo<T>(Comparison<T> comparison)

Then you could pass DateTime.Compare directly as a parameter.

Since there are more methods that require an IComparer<T> than a Comparison<T>, I use a helper class to make an IComparer<T> from a Comparison<T>:

public class ComparisonComparer<T> : IComparer<T>
    private readonly Comparison<T> _comparison;

    public ComparisonComparer(Comparison<T> comparison)
        _comparison = comparison;

    public int Compare(T x, T y)
        return _comparison(x, y);

You can use it as follows:

Foo(new ComparisonComparer(DateTime.Compare));
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