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I got a really stupid question. But I'm in the startup-fase of integrating a webpage with Facebook.

My question is if a Facebook page has a App-id? If that's the case, how can I find it?

What I'm trying to do is add multiple comment-plugins and would like them to be linked to my page. Perhaps even so that the comments appears on the pages wall.

Thanks in advance!

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A facebook page doesnt have an ID, you need to register a new app for your page. You can create an app here

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If you are the admin of the page you can get the page ID.

Go to your page, click Edit Page then Update info (not sure if these are the terms cause I use FB in portuguese language).

The URL in the adress bar tells you the ID. Its the number between 'id=' and the '&' symbol. Lets say it's 1234567890. Copy it.

Now, in a comment just write @[1234567890:Name of the Page]. Submit your comment and see what happens.

Hope that helps.

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