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I've looked around for the error could not find function "someFunction" it appears to be a common error, however I have not found any pertaining to Rpy2. I want to make a heat map from a matrix I made in python.

def HeatMap(HeatData):
    RHeatMap = robjects.FloatVector([HeatData[i] for i in range(len(HeatData[:,1]))])
    HeatMap = robjects.r['matrix'](RHeatMap, nrow = len(HeatData[:,1]))
    robjects.r('HeatMap = %s' %HeatMap.r_repr())
    robjects.r('heatmap(HeatMap, Rowv = NA, Colv = NA, col = topo.colors(100))')

The error is caused by both of the last 2 lines however in R I have no problem with either function.


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I do not have any problems with your code under Python2.7 and rpy2 2.1.9.

What happens if you call the R functions directly instead of using strings?

HeatMap = robjects.r['matrix'](RHeatMap, nrow = len(HeatData[:,1]))
robjects.r['heatmap'](HeatMap, Rowv = robjects.NA_Integer, Colv = robjects.NA_Integer, col = robjects.r['topo.colors'](100))
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In R I can run both jsr.colors=colorRampPalette(c("green","black","red"),interpolate="linear") and heatmap(HeatMap, Rowv = NA, Colv = NA, col = topo.colors(100)). But I can not run those functions via Rpy2. – user1068430 Nov 28 '11 at 14:07

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