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I have the following query (user_id isn't and can't be primary key as there are many entries from each user depending on another column of the table). I used duplicate key but doesnt work. It still adds a new row. Any thoughts?

INSERT INTO profile (user_id, correct) VALUES(". $user_id . ", correct + 1)
ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE correct=correct+1

EDIT So if row exists for this user_id, I want to go update this entry and SET correct = correct+1 and not make a new entry with user_id and correct=1 again

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I answered on EDIT – heav3n Nov 27 '11 at 23:41
Your question doesn't quite make sense to me. If user_id is not unique, then how do you know which row you want to update? And you make it sound like user_id plus some other (unnamed) column should, together, be the primary key; but then you have an INSERT statement that doesn't set a value for that other column. I think you may want to re-examine your table design, and make sure that you have a sensible primary key. – ruakh Nov 27 '11 at 23:52
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Try this:

INSERT IGNORE INTO profile (user_id, correct)
VALUES ($user_id, 0);

UPDATE profile SET correct = correct + 1 
WHERE  user_id = $user_id;  -- updates 0 to 1


UPDATE profile SET correct = correct + 1 
WHERE  user_id = $user_id;

If not found:

INSERT INTO profile (user_id, correct)
VALUES ($user_id, 1);

I prefer the second variant.
The first variant requires that the user_id has a UNIQUE constraint. (PRIMARY KEY counts.)

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Thanks for the answer. – heav3n Nov 27 '11 at 23:54

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