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I have a JTextPane, and I would like to output text on it using StyledDocument. Here is my StyledDocument object

    StyledDocument dox = (StyledDocument) textArea.getDocument();

    Style style = dox.addStyle("StyleName", null);

    StyleConstants.setFontFamily(style, Font.SANS_SERIF);
    StyleConstants.setFontSize(style, 8);
    dox.insertString(dox.getLength(), "<b>Some Text</b>", null);

The problem right now is if I edit the text with html code, it does not display the way I want. I want the text to be displayed as bolded instead of literally "Some Text".

Is there a way to do this?

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"it does not display the way I want." How do you want it? What does it display? –  Andrew Thompson Nov 28 '11 at 0:37
i want the text to be displayed as bolded instead of literally "<b>Some Text</b>" –  livelaughlove Nov 28 '11 at 0:39
You're not going to be able to make the text bold in a textarea without much more, if that's what you're doing. –  phpmeh Nov 28 '11 at 0:48
it's a textPane so it should be able to –  livelaughlove Nov 28 '11 at 0:52

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I did figure it out on my own in the end using HTMLEditorKit, here's the answer for futher reference

    StyledDocument dox = (StyledDocument) textArea.getDocument();
    textPane.setEditorKit(new HTMLEditorKit());

    textPane.setText("<b>Some Text</b>");
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textArea and textPane. No actual apparent use of defined style. –  Philip Whitehouse Dec 22 '12 at 13:59

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