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I am trying to apply a texture for my brush but i'm really having a hard time figuring how it is done.

Here's the image of my output.

I used an UIImage that just follows the touch on the screen but when i swipe it faster the result is on the right side "W", and on the left side that's the result when i swipe it slow.

enter image description here

i tried using the CGContextMoveToPoint and CGContextAddLineToPoint i don't know how apply the texture.

Is it possible to use UIImage for the stroke texture?

Here's my code

    UIImage * brushImageTexture = [UIImage imageNamed:@"brushImage.png"]; 
    [brushImagetexture drawAtPoint:CGPointMake(touchCurrentPosition.x, touchVurrentPosition.y) blendMode:blendMode alpha:1.0f];
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Hi @SeongHo, Im facing some problems while drawing as you wanted. I couldn't draw the texture, not even as the one in the image you posted above. I've posted my question in the link… ,explaining my problem. Think you can sort it out. Can you help me to find out what is wrong in my code? Please help me to draw like a brush using CoreGraphics – Ananth Jul 9 '12 at 10:22
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You need to manually draw the image at each point along the line from the previous point to the current point.

CGPoint vector = CGPointMake(currentPosition.x - lastPosition.x, currentPosition.y - lastPosition.y);
CGFloat distance = hypotf(vector.x, vector.y);
vector.x /= distance;
vector.y /= distance;
for (CGFloat i = 0; i < distance; i += 1.0f) {
    CGPoint p = CGPointMake(lastPosition.x + i * vector.x, lastPosition.y + i * vector.y);
    [brushImageTexture drawAtPoint:p blendMode:blendMode alpha:1.0f];
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just what i needed thanks Sir! you're a great help! tomorrow my deadline of my school project! thanks a lot! – SeongHo Nov 28 '11 at 2:12

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