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I have enabled the taxonomy menu module and created a custom view from my vocabulary terms. However, the taxonomy menu terms are by default in the following structure [taxonomy_category]/[term-name] and link to the default taxonomy view.

How can I override the default taxonomy term links to link to my view page?I want to link the taxonomy term to this view page : products/term_id . I have downloaded taxonomy display module but either I didn't know how to configure it correctly or it doesn't work....

Anybody, who knows how can I change the links of the taxonomy terms?


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there's a default (disabled) view that links to "taxonomy/term/term_id". You should enable that view and make the necessary changes to suit your needs.

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So this view is the one taking effect even though is it disabled ? How come taxonomy_category/taxonomy_term show a page describing the taxonomy by default. –  perpetual_dream Nov 28 '11 at 13:25
this view has no effect if it is disabled. when you enable it, it overrides the default taxonomy/term/term_id path and use this view instead of the default taxonomy page. now you can edit this view to fit your needs. –  Marius Ilie Nov 28 '11 at 14:08

After enabling the taxonomy menu, edit your taxonomy vocabulary.

  1. in Menu path type: select 'custom'.
  2. in 'Custom path for vocabulary:' enter: products
  3. in Base path for custom path: products.
  4. In your term views add argument 'Taxonomy: Term ID'
  5. views path must be '/products'.
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'custom' menu path type appears only in drupal 6 vesrion –  milkovsky Mar 3 '13 at 12:47

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