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I have this tree I'm trying to work with.. I have it currently as

class TRIE {
char letter;
int isWord;
TRIE *children [MAX_CHILDREN];  

what I'm confused about is declaring an array of the same type within the class.. will this work? Or how do I change it to make it correct? (it's a tree type of class.. so the array will be filled with children nodes)

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You can declare the array of POINTERS to the class just fine. Declaring an array of the class would cause universe to implode. –  Hot Licks Nov 28 '11 at 2:31

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Yes. This will work. Since you are declaring a array of pointers to TRIE.

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yes. it works.

TRIE *children [MAX_CHILDREN];

actually you place an array of address of objects(might be created later) of type "TRIE" or subclass of "TRIE"

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