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I am writting an application with PyQt. I have a list like:

rList = [['no','status'], ['anotherno','anotherstatus']]

and I have a QTAbleWidget with 2 columns. How can I set the QTableWidget's data from this list with easiest way?

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for i in rList:
    self.ui.myTableWidget.setItem(j, 0, QtGui.QTableWidgetItem(i[0]))
    self.ui.myTableWidget.setItem(j, 1, QtGui.QTableWidgetItem(i[1]))
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Just a code tuneup: 'j += 1' works a little better, and 'for j, i in enumerate(rList)' works even better! –  Phlip May 30 '13 at 15:39

You use the setItem method of QTableWidget for that. It accepts a row, a column and a QTableWidgetItem object to place there. Consult the documentation for more details.

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