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I read one by one images from a directory and I wish to create an array of images with that to pass to my mexFunction that processes these images. What I am tried so far is not working. Let say I have 100 images 256x256 when I do

 directory = uigetdir; fileList = dir(directory); imageVolume= [];

for idx = 3:numel(fileList)

     tempImage = imread(fullfile(directory, fileList(idx).name));
    imageVolume= [imageVolume tempImage]; 

Whenever I do that, I don't get an array of 256x256xn, instead I just get an image of 256x(256*n), which is not what I want. Any idea?

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Using cell arrays as @bjornsen suggested works. If you would rather not use cell arrays, you can use 3 dimensional matrices:

imageVolume(:,:,idx) = tempImage;

You must be sure, though, that all images are the same size. Otherwise, you're better off using cell arrays.

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Exactly what I was looking for, thank you. –  DogDog Nov 28 '11 at 4:17

Use Cell Arrays. Assuming the rest of your code is right:

for idx = 3:numel(fileList)
     tempImage{idx} = imread(fullfile(directory, fileList(idx).name));
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