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I have lines of numbers


How can I put commas at the end of each number using regular expressions. For example: 16 will turn to 16, and 18 will turn to 18, and so on

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The question is not completely clear to me.

1. Only digits in a row and nothing else

Then Bohemians answer is working.


and replace with \1,.

The ^ anchors the sequence of digits to the start of the row and the $ to the end.

2. The digits can be anywhere in the row together with other stuff

Then tafoo85 answer is working:

(\d+) and replace with \1,.

But this will replace also "tafoo85" with "tafoo85," and "2fast4you" with "2,fast4,you"

To avoid this behaviour and matching only "standalone" numbers, you would have to use word boundaries but those are not available in Notepad++.

Because Notepad++ regexes are very limited you would have to workaround this issue in four steps:

  1. ^(\d+)$and replace with \1,
  2. ^(\d+)(\s) and replace with \1,\2
  3. (\s)(\d+)(\s) and replace with \1\2,\3
  4. (\s)(\d+)$ and replace with \1\2,

3. Change only digits at the start of the row

use only the start of the row anchor ^

^(\d+) and replace with \1,.

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Find: ([0-9]+) Replace with \1,

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Find: (^[0-9]+$) (means the whole line is all digits - and capture it)
Replace: \1, (means the first captured group then a comma

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