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I am working on an app using XCode 4.2 and test it on an iPad with iOS5 but when i tried to open my file on XCode 4.0 and run it on an iPad with iOS4 it's not working it says that i need an iOS5.

What should i do regarding this issue?

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What is your target version for the project? Check your prefix for another statement that says you'll need iOS 5 too. –  CodaFi Nov 28 '11 at 4:46

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Select your project name in the left pane, select the 'Build Settings' tab, under 'iOS deployment target' select 4.0.

deployment target

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The reason why you are facing this is maybe because your project and target might be set to:

Base SDK: Latest iOS (iOS 5.0)

And also check in the info tab by selecting your project, it might be like this:

iOS Deployment Target: (5.0)
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well, don't forget to check Apple LLVM Compiler too if try to create an app for the older iOS version... –  andikurnia Nov 28 '11 at 10:43

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