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i have a date string in

DD-MM-YYYY (28-11-2011)

I want to convert it into linux time stamp without time or time is zero.

I am doing it by

String dateString="13-09-2011";
SimpleDateFormat formatter = new SimpleDateFormat("dd-MM-yyyy");
              Date date = null;
              try {
                    date = (Date)formatter.parse(dateString);
                    Log.v(Constants.LOGGING_TAG, "Date is " + dateString);
                } catch (ParseException e) {
                Log.v(Constants.LOGGING_TAG, "Today is " + date.getTime());

but this is not giving the desired result. Any body have any idea to solve this issue.

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"not giving the desired result" isn't very precise. Please tell us what you're getting and what you expected. –  Jon Skeet Nov 28 '11 at 6:01
What output do you expect? –  AVD Nov 28 '11 at 6:02
whats your desired output? –  Paresh Mayani Nov 28 '11 at 6:03
i provide the dateString = 28-11-2011 and it gives me 1322420400000. When i reconvert 1322420400000 to date, i got Sun, 27 Nov 2011 19:00:00 GMT. –  Shahrukh Nov 28 '11 at 6:06
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It's not clear what the problem is as you haven't told us what you expected and what you're getting, but I suspect there are two potential problems:

  • You haven't specified a time zone, so the formatter will parse the value in the system local time zone. If you want a date only, you should probably set the formatter to UTC first:

  • If you want a Unix time value (in seconds), you'll need to divide the value in Date by 1000, as java.util.Date is represented in milliseconds:

    long seconds = date.getTime() / 1000;

I'd also thoroughly recommend using Joda Time instead of the built-in classes for date/time manipulation.

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got it... and it works ... thanks :) –  Shahrukh Nov 28 '11 at 6:09
+1 for the Joda-Time link, thanks Jon - why the heck haven't I found that before?!? Coming from Smalltalk to Java (long, long ago), I've always complained about how silly and unintuitive the Java Date implementation is. –  Amos M. Carpenter Nov 28 '11 at 6:45
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