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I'm using the following command to crawl one single page with 788 links on it:

nutch crawl urls/ -dir crawls -depth 1 -topN 1000

The above command only is able to find 72 urls! Here is the output for nutch readdb ./crawls/crawldb/ -stats:

CrawlDb statistics start: ./crawls/crawldb/

Statistics for CrawlDb: ./crawls/crawldb/

TOTAL urls: 72

retry 0:    72

min score:  0.009

avg score:  0.026777778

max score:  1.279

status 1 (db_unfetched):    71

status 2 (db_fetched):  1

CrawlDb statistics: done

My regex-urlfilter.txt has the default settings and I'm using Nutch 1.4.

Any help is appreciated.

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I had a similar problem. In my case the property http.content.limit was the problem. The default value is "65536". If your page is bigger, it will be truncated and links may be lost.

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