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This is part of my view:

<p>@Html.Label("", "TargetParam")
<p>@Html.ActionLink("CheckParam", "ShowId", "Check", new { id = "Target" }, null)</p>

I need the value of TargetParamtext TextBox to pass in ActionLink (assign id) how can I do this without writing any script?

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Use @Html.BeginForm() and manage a full POST to your action. Without using JS I see no other ways. Btw in your action you can access the value via FormsData[] or by adding it as a parameter of your action.

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If I understand you correctly, you would like to have a dynamic link, depending on the value of the text box.

This is only possible at runtime, so you would have to resort to a scripting solution.

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Two approaches can be used.

  1. Use Javascript/jquery to post the data may be with @Ajax.
  2. Action method with POST which accepts FormCollection as the only parameter. then access the value of html control with the formcollection["fieldId"].

I would personally prefer the first approach.

Thanks, Praveen

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