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I would like to know how can I scroll down an iframe 100px every 5 secs using maybe javascript. I know that there is a window.scrollTo(x,y); but how does this change to an iframe?

The iframe is an external page.
Any possibility of software to download that does this thing?

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Its very easy using a jquery,

Lets say the id of your iframe is testframe then the code for it would be


Now just wrap it inside an interval and put it inside.

var tick=1;
function scrolldown(tick) {

Note: Just a typo

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This answer is still a bit unclear to me. Can you post a working example of this (e. g., on jsfiddle.net)? –  Anderson Green Jun 11 '13 at 5:48

This isn't possible if you do not have control of the external page's code. browsers prevent this type of thing for security reasons. Its considered cross-domain scripting.

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You can use setInterval to do the scrolling every 5 seconds. the scrolling itsself can be done with this.

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If you are building a desktop application (Windows, Linux, not quite sure), I would suggest you to find a component that is the java equivalent of the C# web browser control.

Since this control is loaded in a desktop applicaiton, you have full control over the browser loaded document (e.g. you can manipulate it, without being in a cross domain context).

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