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I've a task of posting to facebook wall, which works without any problem, but the botleneck comes when i have to limit the visibility of this wall post to only the user whome i sent it for, i mean only to logged in user and not to anyone else. My following code for posting to facebook users wall works fine, but how can i limit it as mentioned. Here's my code;

$sendTo = $friendIdArr[1]; //id of facebook user (friend)
                $uniqueCode = sha1( uniqid() );
                $link = BASE_URL . "invite/accept_invitation/".$uniqueCode;
                //$link = "";
                $message = "Please click on the link to accept invitation";
                $attachment = array("message" => $message, "link" => $link);
                $sendMessage = $objFacebook->api("/$sendTo/feed/", "post", $attachment);

This wall post is being displayed correctly on users wall, but how can i make it such that no other user except for him can view it. My main purpose of doing this is : when a user click on the invitation link sent to his post, i need to verify from my side that if its the same user to which i've posted the message for. Are there any other ways thru which i can achieve this..

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You can do by Privacy parameter on Graph API. You should have access_token which you can gather from Facebook PHP API with the function getAccessToken().

Search for the privacy keyword, you can see the parameters for setting up who to show:

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I was just about to add an answer explaining this. One caveat though is that you can't override privacy when posting to the wall of a user other than the current session user. I'm not sure why you'd want to do that anyway, but just keep it in mind – Igy Nov 28 '11 at 9:47
thanks for the solution, figured it out. – DemoUser Nov 28 '11 at 10:08

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