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I'm creating a function in XSL which accepts an XML element as a parameter. I have certain expectations from this XML element: for example, it must have a <name> subelement and an <id> subelement. So either of the following two elements are acceptable:

   <name>J. Random</name>

 <company corp="false">
   <name>ACME, Inc.</name>

Note that I don't care about the element name, the order in which <name> and <id> appear, and any other sub-elements (or attributes) the element has.

Can I express this requirement in XSD, and use it for the as attribute of an <xsl:param>?

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You could define a complex type in XSD whose only requirements are that the content includes a name and an id element, but I'm not sure this would be a very useful thing to do; I think you would be using the type system in a way it wasn't intended to be used and you would probably end up finding it frustrating, though I don't know exactly where you would hit difficulties.

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