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I already create my web with the main index is in /localhost/store In the main body, there is a right sidebar with a profile information.

What I want to do is ... When I browsing to my detail post where the url is /localhost/posts/3, I want to change my right sidebar with another list of the new posting (like similar question on stackoverflow when I type my question). Is there any way I can detect my url (change from store to posts)?

Kindly your help please..

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Not sure what you are asking exactly, but i think this is what you want to do In you views, you can detect the current page by using the following:

<% if current_page?(:controller => "", :action => "index") %> 
    ....original right sidebar code.......
<% elsif current_page?(:controller => "posts", :action => "show") %>
    ....new right sidebar code.......
<% else %>
    ....do something else.......
<% end %>

I am using jquery to this with some ajax on my site(bit more complicated), but i think this might be sufficient for what you are asking. Hope it helps.

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thank you very much for your answer. this is exactly what I need. but there is an error in :controller => "" my store/index is the localhost. what is the controller name for just localhost? –  mamatozay Nov 28 '11 at 9:22
@mamatozay what controller is the index action located in? without seeing any of your code it looks like :controller => "store" will work. Also try current_page?('/') or current_page(root_url) if defined in your config/routes.rb file –  Hishalv Nov 28 '11 at 10:09
My config for localhost is root :to => "store#index", :as => 'store' Here is my if branch on the store/index : <% if current_page?(:controller => "store", :action => "index") %> <%= render :partial => "store/footer", :collection => @postsListMainDinamic %> <% else %> <%= render :partial => "store/rightsidebar1", :collection => @postsRightSidebar1 %> <% end %> But the _footer doesn't load when I in localhost:3000 I am already try (:controller => "/" and (:controller => "root_url" but this is just give me another error. Is my root :to on the config wrong? –  mamatozay Nov 29 '11 at 1:59
My mistake is in the config/routes.rb. I am already change it to root :to => "store#index". Thanks for your support. I have another question again. When I am in localhost:3000, it give me error No route matches {:controller=>"posts", :action=>"show"} when I used <% if current_page?(:controller => "posts", :action => "show") %>. I think when the url like /localhost/posts/31, I don't know the :action because it is a posts id. Please your help again :) –  mamatozay Nov 29 '11 at 3:10
@mamatozay sorry for the delay. You could try <% if current_page?(:controller => "posts") %> only. might just work. –  Hishalv Dec 1 '11 at 18:35

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