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I am currently using a documentation toolchain which has the following steps:

  1. Write documentation in Textile format
  2. Convert Textile documentation to Docbook ( Mylyn WikiText )
  3. Convert Docbook to PDF ( maven docbkx plugin )

I am mostly satisfied with the process, and I'd like to customise how the tables and the images are rendered in the PDF. Namely, I'd like to apply the following transformations:

  1. informaltable -> informaltable rules="all"
  2. imagedata -> imagedata scalefit="1" width="100%" contentdepth="100%"

I've already set up a custom stylesheet, but I'm not sure if or how these transformations can be performed.

How can I apply these transformations, given an existing docbook file?

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This is probably too late to be useful to you, but I thought I'd reply anyway. If you have an XSL stylesheet that overrides certain behaviors of the regular stylesheets (what Bob Stayton calls a "customization layer," you can simply add a line to your pom file that tells the docbkx plugin to use it. For the XHTML transformation, it's the htmlCustomization element. For example,


For PDF output it would be the foCustomization element:


The trick then is that in that customization file, you have to change your import statement to use the symbolic path that the plugin expects:

This is documented at http://docbkx-tools.sourceforge.net/advanced.html

My problem was that I was also using my own custom titlepages, which are also imported into my customization layer, and for the life of me I could not figure out how to tell the plugin where to find it. I might have been able to live with the default title page layout in my HTML output, but not for the print. I finally gave up and am now in the middle of trying the Maven XML plugin and applying the XSLT transformation directly. Once again I'm stuck, though. Once I get the fo files for the intermediate step to PDF, I can't seem to find a Maven plugin that can apply FOP to them. Actually I did find a plugin on Maven Central but I can't find any documentation of how to actually use it. Just this: http://mavenhub.com/mvn/central/org.apache.xmlgraphics/fop/1.0

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