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first of all sorry if its a stupid question but I'm a beginner, and I would like the opinion of a more experienced developer.

I'm building a real estate site with codeigniter, and I have city names what are accented characters, but I'm sending these in the database non accent because of the search, and because of the other validations.

So when I select these they are non accented chars, I created a helper what converts these back accented.

My question is, is it ok if I run this helper in my view?

I mean like, the helper is auto-loaded because I will need this in 4 view files, and I call its function like this in the view

echo city_accent($e->city);

so is it a problem if I run it like this in my view file?

Thank you

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Calling a helper function in view can be done, but better way as per the convention would be to call it in controller and pass it to view form controller. like:

$data['someVar'] = city_accent($e->city);
$this->load->view("your_view", $data);

Hope it helps

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thank you for the help :) –  Side Nov 28 '11 at 15:20

Technically, you can do that. As long as that helper is loaded in the Controller that calls the View.

I wouldn't put it in the View however. Layout and logic need to be separated in an MVC environment. I would use the city_accent() function in my Controller and pass the result into the View by parameter.

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