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I'm looking for a book or an online tutorial on using C# that teaches how to setup MVC and DAO.

In Visual Studio, I first create an "ASP.NET Web Application", then I add the Controller, Model and DAO Class Libraries.

I then want to understand the concept of Entity Base Creator Class. How this is used. Undestand how Generics work, eg Result<T> and Result<List<T>>.

I would like to understand what do I put in the Controller.cs, the Model.cs and the Dao.cs and EntityCreator.cs. Do these all relate to the Entity (tables) setup in my Database?

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ADO or DAO? question title and body are not aligned, can you decide? ;-) – Davide Piras Nov 28 '11 at 9:10

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That's a pretty good ASP .NET MVC aplication with DB.

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