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I've pulled some facebook statusses to my website and I would like to add a like-button to them. I can't seem to use the facebook like button generator. When trowing a url like this: in the facebook url linter tool it sais it can't crawl itself.

Is there a way to fix this like-button? A way of custom coding a facebook like button? or is the only solution to redirect to this url?(Not an great option, i want the user to stay on my website)

I hope anybody has a solution for this.

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You can perform an like of an object through the Graph API, but then the user have to authenticate your application.

See more under the like section here.

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Thx! Luckily there's stack overflow for these things. I think FB's documentation is badly written, they should make it more comprehensive like the flickr or twitter api – Stijn_d Nov 28 '11 at 15:36

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