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i try to populate a dropdown menu for quicksearch in mvcgrid my code is:

 $g = $this->add('MVCGrid');
 $s = $g->addQuickSearch(array('nome_mat'));

 $value_list = array(

 $s->addField('dropdown','tipo_mat','Tipo_mat: ')->setValueList($value_list);

The dropdown list appear on quick search form. My db field is tipo_mat, but when i click quicksearch button nothing uppens, can someone help me plase. Thank's

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You will find that the Quicksearch is nothing more that a simple form, which applies condition to your grid when submitted. In theory, you could have a standard form sitting in there doing the same thing:

$search = $g->add('Form',null,'quick_search',array('form/quicksearch','form'));

// Handle submit of form, reload grid with AjAX, pass values as arguments

// If values are passed, use them
    $grid->dq->where('name like','%'.$_GET['q'].'%');


The "Filter" and "QuickSearch" classes help you with saving search values but you must not be afraid to look into their source and create your own QuickSearch class which can apply parameters properly.

Perhaps using Filter in your case is better than quick search, because of how "applyDQ" is handled:


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Ok, now it's clear. Thank's a lot – user940945 Nov 28 '11 at 10:29

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