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Pre Assumption : Having template of quotation form in place

I am working on a use case in creating a quotation document dynamically with the edited data(collected within the application) to be saved and sent it as a attachment through a mail.

So my queries :

1) Can i dynamically edit the fields of form/document within iOS SDK programmatically? 2) if 1 is possible , how could i save the edited document in the mail as attachment

Thanks in advance

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form as in html forms ? – Srikar Appal Nov 28 '11 at 9:48

Do you mean HTML forms? When you are programming in iOS, I would suggest you create your form in ObjectiveC using the constructs of iOS. This gives you advantage of leveraging Core-Animation, Core-Location & other iOS frameworks.

Once your form is filled (by some user). You can parse out the fields, & construct your own basic HTML out of these fields. This custom generated HTML can then by mailed using the framework MFMailComposeViewController.

What I have told is not exactly what you asked for. But hope you see the advantages in the approach.

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You can create HTML forms dynamically or build a UIView subclass programatically, with dynamically created UILabels and UITextFields, which can be configured at run time to reflect the form fields you want.

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