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I have a JSON format like this


Now i am trying to retrieve the Status value to do some logic

JSONObject jData = new JSONObject(data);
JSONArray response = jData.getJSONArray("response");

But i am getting the following error

org.json.JSONException: Value {"result":"user_exists","status":true} at response of type org.json.JSONObject cannot be converted to JSONArray

how to retrieve an Object from inside and Object ?

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you are trying to retreive the status attribut from a JSONArray but , you don't have any JSONArray in your Code , ( JSONArray is surrounded by [] , and JSONObject is surrounded by {} ) , So to retreive the status value , try this :

JSONObject jData = new JSONObject(data);
JSONObject response = jData.getJSONObject("response");

boolean status = response.getBoolean("status");
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thanks a lot for the code example :) – Harsha M V Nov 28 '11 at 13:26
you are welcome :) , we are here to help – Houcine Nov 28 '11 at 14:20

response is a JSONObject, not a JSONArray. Array objects are surrounded by these [] brackets, objects are with the normal ones {}. (See for more format information)


JSONArray response = jData.getJSONArray("response");


JSONObject response = jData.getJSONObject("response");
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response isn't an array but an object. Use getJSONObject and JSONObject instead of getJSONArray and JSONArray.

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You have to first navigate to the response object by

JSONObject response = jData.getJSONObject("response") instead of JSONArray, as response is a object.

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